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Hi All!

Less than 2 weeks to go until Off-Grid and we are soooo excited. The list of workshops and talks is one of the best we have ever seen, and it really captures what we want to achieve with this event!!! See the list at the bottom of this page…

And don’t forget, its not all about the workshops, theres also plenty of amazing music on the various solar stages, Lost Horizons Sauna, mass Games, kids area, healing and sooooooooooooo much more!!

Tickets are still available at £55 or £75 for adults

There is a brilliant new video about Sunrise: Off Grid produced by Brian Viziondanz and Gungho Media which you can view at the link below. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Here is the run down of confirmed speakers and workshops (more or less)…:- REMEMBER, these are the WORKSHOPS ONLY and there are more to come!!


– Introduction to Bee-Keeping

– Contact Improvisation Workshop

– Introduction to Off-Grid Living Meet & Greet Session

– Rocket Stove Workshops

– Andy Thomas: The Truth Agenda – Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and 2012 Prophecies.

– Caroline Barry: Strawbail Building and Planning Legislation

Creatrix – Craft and Practical Skills

– Renewable Energy Workshops: Solar stirling engines, wind turbines, etc.

– Stonecarving

– Herbcraft

– Neolithic Pottery

– Astrology

– Camper Van Converting

– Pole Lathing and Furniture Making

– Sewing and Fixing

– Wild Food Foraging

– Renewable Science, power and more with Arc Village

Ecologix – Sustainable Community and Theory

Emma Chance – Introduction to Permaculture

Patrick Whitefield – The Permaculture Roots of Transition

Chris Black – Planning Law & The Plotgate Community Project

Herbwalks with Helen Rideout

Common Law & The Tyting Community Farm Project

Andrew Johnson: Transition Medicine

Cara Naden: Eco Up your Home

Sharon Pollitt: Land Roots:-Land Share and Common Ownership

Clare Adamson: Urban Growing: Community Solutions

James Adamson: Gardeners Question Time: Organic horticulture & permaculture

Dan Hurring: Festivals in Transition – The End of the Age of Oil and the Future of Festivals

Presenter TBC: Alternative Schooling

Green Parent Magazine: Sustainable Parenting

Tom Chance: Forest Gardening

Natalie Fee: Empowerment & Everyday Alchemy


Ben Brangwyn: An Introduction to Transition Towns

Jon Harris: Lawful Rebellion

& more TBC…

Apocalyptix & The Divinatrix

William Bloom: Developing your Prana

Jonathan Cainer: Psychic Time Travel & Q&A

Mark Heley: The Emerging Science of 2012

Brian Viziondanz: Social Acupuncture: Activism for the New Millenium

William Bloom & Theo Simon: Spiritual Activism

Nathan Lewis Williams: The Still Point of the Turning World (TBC)

Nathan Lewis Williams: The Cosmic Chord – An Introduction to the Science of Harmonics and the Music of the Spheres

Simon Harwood: The real science of Free Energy

Peter Taylor: Climate and Deception

Benjamin Crystal: The Tree Source Foundation

Jon Atkinson: Entheogencia

David Luke: Death and the Thousand eyed God

Shaun Kirwan: What on Earth is Dowsing?

Also talks on Codex Alimentarius, Manifestation, psychic development and more…


Mark Burton and Ben Brangwyn: The Totnes Pound

Martin Simon (Director Time Banks UK): The story of Time Banking in Britain

John Rogers (Director Value for People): Alternative views to the Current Global Economy – the Impact of Spirituality, Psychology and Group Process

Mark Boyle – Freeconomy/Living without Money

Avalon Fairshares: Introduction to local currencies and trading systems + the Sunrise currency

“Time For Community” Workshops: An Introduction to The Co-production Imperative.

“Time For Community” Workshop: A Brief History Of Time … Banking.

“Time For Community” Workshops: The Space Academy.

The Al-Cademy: For kids of all Ages

Kids Yoga

Forest School

Daily Den Building Workshops

Living Instruments

Storytelling Theatre with Deor

Puppet Making

Designing the Future

Sexuality & Male Initiation

Poetry Slam

Kids Nutrition

Recycled Science, pedal generators and LED Windmills

Dynamix – Voice, Movement and Healing

Tai Chi

Massage & Movement

Sacred Chant Music

Finding your voice

Song Writing

Non-violent communication


& more TBC

The Maloca – Discussions, Forums & Sharing of the Creative Arts

The End of the World? A discussion of 2012 theory and science

After-Economics: What comes next?

Festival Futures

Transition Communities

Entheogens & Consciousness

Off-Grid Living

The Imagi-Nation: Visioning our Future

Story-Sharing Circle

Bardic Circle

Bhajan and Sacred Song Circle

Song Sharing Circle

Acoustic Circle

& much more TBC

Tickets still available at £55/£75 via the new website!