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Elnav – Thank you for your response. I didn’t get into the specifics of my situation, because frankly, I’ve never been asked. However, I’ll devolve a bit into it now to apease both of us.

I am 30’ish and have been in management my entire working life. I’ve gone through schooling, obtained a degree and am presently a Human Resource Manager and a Per Diem Nanny. I have very little mechanical skills and couldn’t build a solar panel to save my soul in a EOTWAWKI situation. I would be relying heavily on my significant other in the realm of building a home.

SO is a 40’ish brute – strong, in great shape and is a skilled welder. He’s been in the manufacturing trade for 20 years, primarily for power generation – building wind turbines and jet engines. He enjoys being “put to work” and has no patience for things such as housework, child rearing, gardening or fishing – all of which I do well.

I like to think that we are a good team :)

As far as your statement of

“That may work for a distress situation lasting a few weeks or months.

but will this work a year or two down the road?…”

The key is, this won’t *only* last a few weeks or months. If I had adequate storage space, I would be able to obtain enough pasta to last me a year, if I ate it twice a week, every week. I would be able to get enough toilet paper to last about 6 months, maybe more if I were to separate the 3 ply into 1 ply. As a legitimate example, I have been able to keep a close friend’s child in diapers for about $5.00 per month, for a year. (I’ve spent roughly $61.00 in 12 months for “Huggies Sensative Skin” diapers). Granted, those are things which are disposable and will be “gone when they’re gone” – but is it not a good idea to have them while I can? I’m not entirely sure why some (not necessarily you, Elnav) feel as though stock piling and taking what I can, while I can – is “less than” someone who does it all from scratch. My stockpile certainly won’t last forever, but it will help as a stop-gap-measure, will it not?