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Home Forums General Discussion Staying in a Van on your own land. Re: Staying in a Van on your own land.


It really depends on the zoning of where your property is located, some properties have underlying Covenants, [normally created by the original developers] whereby might specify a certain time period for temporary living while building a home..

If your property is located in a remote area, called NO RESTRICTIONS, and does not have any “COVENANTS” then you are King of your own Land…build an outhouse or do whatever you’d like..

Not to worry too much over old covenants though… especially if there is NO property management or boards active to maintain roads etc. where your property is located..

In some cases, there exist ole covenants that were intended for further devolpement that never came about, prehaps from lack of developer funds, or for whatever reasons..thus the underlying covenants, though maintained within title searches upon lands, are basically “dead-file” issues…

Rule of Thumb, is to simply talk with your surrounding neighbors, to get the inside track, and what’s Okay to do and not do.. God bless!