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Excellent link 12Vman. Many of the current generation who are looking to go off-grid are too young to remember the first oil crisis we had in the seventies. Back then a number of architectual proposals emerged to take advantage of this earth tempering effect. It ranged from burying houses under several feet of earth to actually digging down underground. The absence of windows was one of the biggest obstacles to widespread acceptance of the concept.

Today’s ‘geothermal’ systems are an outgrowth of this early thinking. Instead of using air to transfer the heat, liquids such as water or ethylene glycol is used to effect the transfer.

The downside being the need for a sizable plot of land from which to extract the heat in winter or collect the cold (technical purists please forgive the inaccuracies in that last statement)

Some geothermal systems use vertical pipes to get around the land area restrictions. Somehow I doubt it would be as successful with an air pipe system.

Some places have land that does not lend itself as well to this cooling method. Cost of digging or trenching in near solid rock makes it cost prohibitive.