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If you listen to the guy how has a book on the “Paleo Diet”. He suggest that fats are not so bad, its carbs and starches that are the real killers. He suggest any meats are good, fats are good, but stay away from bread, potatoes, rice, pastries, high carb drinks and foods. He points out that fats is what our bodies most readily use as fuel. Where carbs and starches have to be converted. He calls it glucoside when people rely on carbs and starches too much for their energy supply. He says if your insulin level gets too high fat burning stops. Also a person gets a full feeling fastest on fats, but not carbs. I think there might be something to that. If you want to feel full faster fiber, proteins and fats fill you where carbs may not at all and starches only a little.

Personally his diet for weight loss works because if you dropped your energy intake to only fats it might be tough then to meet all your energy demands depending on activity. I’m not totally convinced yet about the health benefits of low carb low starch diet. Though there might be something to the over production of insulin as being as bad a problem as getting too much of the wrong fats.

I would have a really hard time giving up carbs in Tea for the sake of health. For other people it might be sodas.