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The snow is going to be a problem. The slope of your green house is shallow so the snow will tend to stick and become heavy. One friend with a similar slope had the snow wight break the roof rafters.

It all depends on total accumulation. Quite often there is a short thaw in Februrary and everyone knows to get the snow shovelled off the roof before then. If the roof is steeper slope the snow will slide off before it melts.

Unless the overhang is wide this will now collect against the wall and form an ice dam causing yet more problems.

If you intend to use snow as cistern water, pile it in a place where it will collect into a pond come spring.

Then pump or drain the water into a closed tank where you are not going to get as much evaporation loss.

That glass is fragile. Snow load can get heavy. I suggest you place additional supports under beaams during winter and early spring during snow melt. One neighbor failed to do that and ended up rebuilding the roof. I helped another neighbor to install additional supports and his roof survived.