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register for wwoofers, they should be able to help you. I have no idea how you do this but my friend has them over every summer and she has no inertnet nor even a mobile phone so it can’t be that hard to arrange. I think you will need to feed them but one of her Austrian regulars eats only apples??? so that may be simpler than you ever imagined.

you could just have a few parties on the land and get the crew to do some graft. There’s lots of willing people out there who would work for a few weeks park up in their vehicles and they could arrange a party at the same time. You can even do it within the law by applying for a wedding type license. It doesn’t have to be a rave, you could host an opera weekend and get some graft at the same time.

And anyway it can’t be that remote in Dorset, that’s positively urban.