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Nick Rosen

Dear Dustoffer,

Pure BS! DUST! The whole thing about agenda 21 is the very bogus word, “Sustainability” Yes agenda 21! is not about “all is green!” The path humanity is on now is controlled entirely by the elite!, and always has been! Have you looked up at the sky lately? We are being poisoned by the by the air we breath, chemtrails!, corexit still being sprayed in the gulf,and the radiation fallout from Fukushima! Have you researched what food you are eating? We are being poisoned by GMO, and chemicals added! Have you researched what is added to our public drinking water? We are being poisoned by the fluoride, chlorine, and ammonia, just to name a few!(Maybe you are drinking this and arebdumbed down!). Yes, there is a mass population die off planned! Who erected the Georgia guide stones? Have you ever read them? I feel sorry for you! after 45 years of research and observation you still believe the propaganda about greenhouse admissions! Yes, tax the gas emitted by a cow! LOL. You probably have shares in Al Gores carbon trading scam! The reason, the only true reason, why one should want to go off-grid is because, this entire world is just a grand illusion of the performing arts of evil deception and destruction, for only the elite to have total control, all the money and ultimate power over the sheeple. This is what it is all about!, and it has been planned for Millenniums! I do not want to be a part of this! That is why I want to go off grid! Who would want to live by idiots like you! Preaching the propaganda that living off-grid “carbon/low ecological footprint is the way to go! No! getting self sufficient and being independent of paying hard earned money and feeding into the elite monopoly, being free with a choice of how one lives and eats!, Not involved in this horrific grid! is the reason for going off-grid!