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The law is not usually a major problem if you only stay overnight, don’t leave a mess and don’t park in front of farm gates or somebodys drive. The usual problem is late-night revellers driving past on their way home from the pub who think its a great laugh to pull up nearby, revup, sound the horn etc. etc. Unfortunately you often find the quiet places you can get the van to easily and park up are the same ones where young lovers go at night to get away from it all. Lorry lay-bys are generally a bit too noisy as they don’t often stop all night. Certainly the main problem I found trying to live in the van in the south was that most of the choice places have height restriction barriers so you couldn’t get the van in in the first place coupled with the fact that you always had to keep moving on. Great for a while but it quickly gets tiresome never mind the fuel costs!