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When I started this independent home do-it-all-yourself project, I knew I was at the end of my physical abilities. My old war injury (shot down 1-14-70 flying unarmed medical rescue) was turning to traumatic arthritis. Building an Earthship takes a lot of strength, even with helpers, like my young son and wife, and various tools and tricks. If you don’t have the money to hire people to do everything for you, you have to have the physical strength and gumption to do what it takes to fully design and build an independent home. I barely made it, and am now much too disabled to ever do it again. One reason I moved to the mountains is because I loved hiking and climbing, and now that is very difficult and painful. There will come a time when we may have to sell out to someone who wants to live green, and get an apartment in the dreaded city to be closer to medical care. There may come a time when I don’t feel like living anymore, especially in the overpopulated city. I do want a natural burial, when the time comes.

We could do what the gentleman above does and rent out the Earthship or part of the eco-house to a young couple, with reduction for helping take care of us. Maybe my own son. He can’t find work in the city and all the beginning jobs are taken by low buck foreigners and illegal aliens. He refuses to go in the service, probably because of my wounds and experience with disability and the VA. I would rather die here, going down fighting.