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Well, I have looked into roofing a bit for this purpose. While I think metal is a great way to go, there is no reason some other types wouldn’t work. In the deep south, along the coast, I see a lot of tile roofing. Tile is expensive, but last 100 years, if its not in freezing locations. Water freezes and cracks tile or slate. Slate would as good I think as tile. The EarthShip books recommend role rubber roofing. This also allows them to mound up dirt on the roof edges to guide the water that is being caught, as well as added thermal mass. Water could be caught from a sodded earth roof if designed properly. For a waterproof membrane I have recommened very thick pond liners. Water doesn’t have to be guttered, it could be caught at ground level. I don’t recommened catching water from asphalt shingles or tared roofs except for use on lawn and yard plants. Other possible roofing materials would be Thatch, wood shakes, tree bark etc. Of those shakes are probably more practical.

Of the metal roofing we have copper, steel, aluminum, tin. They are painted or galvanized. Id be wary about using water from galvanized roofs for drinking and food prep.

Copper or painted metal roofs would be great.