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Nick Rosen

Float house..sheltered cove.. shelter excellent..only need make up 26 degrees approx as down about ? 5 to 8 ft stays at 48 degrees all year..small fire place heats the home..half dozen candles work. Trom walls..concrete wall in front of large insulated windows..emanates heat all night absorbed during the day. painted black..It’s more money but if you got it spend it.

Converted 40 ft boat. The container house.. lots of innovative ways to stay warm and safe..

Have fun with’s a very fulfilling walk to secure a future in uncertain times and end up laughing while the world goes to Himmel in a hand basket.

Just knowing I have a home no matter what happens, that don’t kill ya, it’s a very nice feeling. No bridge work home for this ol dog :0)

Self defense is also a serious need in hard times. Take care of that any way you can. :)

Not goin there :)

I have 14 acres, and I am not afraid to open it up for a select small group to call be family and act like family.. we do not feed on each other.

We are a co operative group or no group. I do have sons and daughters too will need a home possibly. But I would consider in native fashion, adopting a few people into my family if they are gentle spirited yet warriors when needed. It’s a lot of work too and compromise is important while elders rule benevolently, just as in past days when native culture was not a blight as we are on the planet. Hardly a foot print.NO drugs or booze beyond sensible usage. That can result in disaster and will not wash. Reason guides us.

I don’t like the majority of intentional communities i have checked out..seem to be simply opportunists trying to make money off the participants and are sketchy about details and legal protections. I doubt i have seen them all certainly but saw enough to cause me to go my own way.

2012 is my tentative jump off point..Start now and be ready to move then..I have no concrete ideas or plans for community but open to discussion. Or simply continue alone with hopes for family to see the light, which seems to be happening lately :)

I think ideally for me at least one mature lady with skills and a big love for me would be a cherished addition here..:) Not gettin any younger .:0)

Divorced 22 years now. Gets a little lonely out there gals. :)

Anyways.. seems like a great site..things are happening faster every day in the off grid ideal. Good one !

peace out.. Will