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Thanks for the input guys.

I am in County Cork in Southern Ireland,.. so long periods of sub zero temps are rare,.. although the effectiveness of PV panels in this hemisphere are limited in the winter I know. We have a 220V 50hz supply from the grid here.

The idea of multiple smaller wind turbines instead of 1 big one is interesting & something I hadn’t previously considered. Is it hard to combine multiple generating sources to charge a single battery bank? It certainly would be cheaper to have three 1kw turbines than one 3kw one.

I have conceded that propane will be required for cooking,.. but in Ireland propane powered clothes dryers are unheard of,.. and the cost of importing would probably exceed the cost of making the system bigger to cope with the extra load.

As for the swimming pool,.. I should elaborate. There will also be a high temp tank for the house hot water supply as in standard systems,.. the swimming pool heat will be used to run underfloor heating or those special low temp radiators (They look like a car radiator inside with a mesh of metal fins & a small fan to aid convection). Even with heating that works using lower temp water, the pool temp will be slightly too low (or the pool uncomfortably hot!) so it would be supplemented either from the high temp tank, heat pump or (new idea) a waste oil burner.

The control systems for this would be complex I know, but far from impossible.

Also the comment on over-sizing battery bank being a bad thing,.. I understand this is because leisure battery’s need to be discharged below 50% regularly (once every 2 weeks was mentioned to me) and then re-charged fully regularly to maintain them and maximise their life? To overcome this issue I had considered splitting the battery bank in 2, setting up a voltage sensor & timer so that on one day a week 1 bank is automatically disconnected (once the bank isn’t already below a set limit) & discharged for a set time period (a pool heater/immersion heater etc would be a good use for this energy) while the other bank would still be sufficient to run the house. The next week the other bank would automatically disconnect & discharge.

Is this a practical solution?

Whilst understanding that over-sizing the battery bank could be seen as silly,.. I will have NO grid access and running a generator with Irish fuel prices would be madness.