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Well, for 12volt appliances let me recommend the truck stop’s smart pot(heating water) and lunch box oven. I used the water heaters only for heating water and not warming up soups or liquids. Too much of a mess to clean. Use the lunch box oven for warming soups. Use a camp stove to warm up coffee.

The lunch box oven does a great job in cooking of rice, such as Lipton rice packs etc. It does not so good a job at noodles, seems to cook them too soft. But it works on noodles as well. It gets hot, like 300 degrees, but is very safe. Beware of steam though when you open the oven up. I usually put a small amount of water in the bottom anyway to keep it from burning. I cooked everything in aluminum bread pans, or in the tin cans. You can set soup cans in it directly for warming and other types that are made from plastic for microwave, though I always have a bit of water below the plastic stuff.