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One of my customers paid $300 to a refrigeration guy to replace the old power hog compressor with a new modern Danfoss compressor. These are renowned as being energy efficient and available as either 12V DC or 120V AC models.

It irks me to see people get ripped off with exorbitant prices for something I know is available thru the trade for reasonable prices. There is nothing exceptional in the ‘off-grid’ or DC models. Its just the compressor motor that runs on a different voltage. Unfortunately the specialty market retailers see them coming and hike the prices accordingly.

Quite often a freezer will quit while the cabinet is still in good shape. Good candidate for a Danfoss replacement. If the refrigeration guy you are talking to don’t know how look for someone with better knowledge.

Freezers often have thicker insulation than what a fridge has. Chest models are better than upright versions. Treasuregift has it right. When you open a chest model the cold air does not spill ouit.