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In 1859 a solar flare took out the telegraph wires, the only

grid exsisting at that time. The next big flare will take out

the electrical grid along with cars, trucks trains planes etc.

The hydro companies and governments know what they need to do.

Approx $700 per transformer. They are not doing it and our

Sun has been behaving strangly for the last few years.

Next solar peak 2012. Most of these transformer have a 1 year

lead time under present production. If the grid goes down due

to a solar flare it will never be rebuilt, nor should it.

But to say it in a way everyone will understand we will be

flared “back to the stone age” I hope the people here who are

off grid with technology are taking the proper percautions to

protect it. The emf will be greater than any nuke