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We live in an area that is partially off grid already so for people here it will not be such a drastic change. As for the grocery store, etc. its already gone. The local village store burnt down three months ago. It was also a gasoline station but thanks to new EPA regulations it would be prohibitively expensive to renovate. The fuel pumps etc. were not involved in the fire but the regulations say that in order for a new store and gas station to be built the whole installation must new conform to new building codes and EPA regulations for a gas statioin. So now everyone has to drive 47 kilometers to next nearest town for bread, milk, etc.

The highway here was only built in the late fifties. Before that ranchers only got to town maybe three times per year. They would buy staples like flour, sugar, salt, molasses, and rice. Vegetables grew in the yard. Meat was obtained by hunting. Eggs, milk, and butter was obtained from the 4 legged dispenser down in the barn. If you needed an implement you either mail ordered it and took delivery next year or else you hand forged something in the ranch shop. Everybody had a forge and anvil. If for no other reason you had to be able to reshoe the horses for going on ice in the winter time.

As for pharmacy. Read up on medicinal use of native plants. You would be surprised how many local plants have mealing uses. Asperin (ASA) was originally derived from willow bark. Although it is not native to here we use Tumeric spice as a first aid ointment in poultice form. ‘Devils Club’ is a native plant in this area and old timers swear by it as a curative for a variety of ills.

Find and read up on what the pioneeers in your particular area did and how they lived. It might surprise you.