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Look, to add to the post above, moving and living off grid take a lot of up front work, and it’s unlikely it’s going to be free for you. You will have to work your butt off to get there one way or the other. You can choose to do it the harder way (Just roll out and squat somewhere, building yourself a semi permanent shelter hidden somewhere, and hope you can scrape off the land without getting run off of it for as long as you need and improving it over time to better support you), or the easier way, and that’s work to save some money and get the stuff you need to get it going in the right direction.

Seriously, get you a job, work and save, and get what you need. Constuction workers are always looking for both skilled and unskilled laborers, and if you turn out to be a good worker and dependable, your pay will show it on Fridays. With some smart spending and common sense you can make likely about $500 to $600 weekly, and put back the vast majority of it for buying what you need.

I found a work van in Reading PA for $650 with nice roof racks (perfect to put a small solar array on top of the van with), betcha $600cash would buy it. You could do that in 2 weeks time easy. Get you something to sleep on and a grill, and park that sucker in a nice spot and camp in it while you work and save money. While at work, pick up and save any of the scrap stuff that is put in the trash pile that can be used to build your van, and if there are a couple of extra pieces left over at a job, ask if you can have them, you likely can. Skrimping off the job site would likely build up the bed platform and storage areas of the van for free. While you are doing that, save the money to buy other items you need to finish up your van and buy it off craigslist, or habitat for humanity, etc. Betcha within a month or so you could have most everything you need to finish the van into a camper (I’d say 3 to 4 months tops to buy and build a van into something like I linked.) plus a couple 6v golf cart batteries and a small solar charging system and inverter to give you some power to play with would maybe take a month of saving and smart purchases.

I’m saying you could have a dependable van bought, purchased and converted into a living quarters within 3 months. If you keep working and putting back $200 to $300 per week for the next 9 months, you will have a converted van to live in with all the ameneties you need.

At $200 a week for 9 months you could have $7200 to buy some land.

At $300 a week for 9 months you could have $9600 to buy some land.

With $9600 you could get you a good little chunk of property to live off of.