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Home Forums General Discussion Nickel Iron vs. Lead Acid — Off-Grid Battery Showdown Re: Nickel Iron vs. Lead Acid — Off-Grid Battery Showdown

Iron Edison

I would love to share more, but do not want to blatantly self-promote.

Let me just answer your questions, simply because I want people to know more about the technology.

ELNAV – I am really interested to hear about your micro-hydro application. I helped design a system for a gentleman in NC, but he never installed. He couldn’t get the permit for a holding pond (or didn’t care to pursue it).

Either way, efficiency is something that everyone is asking about. It is true that you have to put a little more in to charge the system, but listen; You never have to buy batteries ever again. Personally, I feel strongly about the environmental benefits of not having to toss out your batteries every 5-7 years.

What kind of modules do you have? What is the output voltage? You can charge these batts at 17 V or more – can your charge controller even get to that voltage? Would love to hear more about your water source / expected output.