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Pahana Tribe

I am state side so these suggestions may seem odd maybe not.

A: Range and use of wireless

I use a product called RALINK POWERLINK—p-64930.aspx?source=fghdac&gclid=CMX0pMfcu7ICFal7QgodMS8AZw

This extends my signal strength to over 1,500 ft and works awesome. Not sure how it would compare to your dongle but blew mine away and I can use it on my Lap or PC only needs a USB port.

B: Heat

Research the rocket stove mass heater:


Water Heating:

Stove & Bed:

The first is a simple camp stove but coated with cob or concrete it could be a versatile cooking stove easily.

And the mass heater design is formed from cob, or could be concrete with a light mattress or well stuffed sleeping bad would be very cozy. The design was meant to be used as a sofa of sorts but can easily be used as a bed.

Much more fuel efficient and no smoke (just steam and co2) out of the stack.


If you cannot build a compost unit may I suggest asking if you could plumb a garden hose to their septic system? If so a upflush toilet or RV toilet with small 5-10 gallon tank and a macerating/pump would do fine for a one – two person addition.

The maceration pump grinds the waste to fine particles that can be pumped through a garden hose and adapted to any sewer line inlet or clean-out cover (Snake clean-out for house)

The upflush is quite expensive however a simple 5-10 gallon holding tank and standard RV type toilet and pump is not. And often can be upcycled from a old RV for sale or gutted for free and converted to a utility trailer for wood hauling :)

Upflush :{keyword}&gclid=CIyQ1aXfu7ICFQjZQgodcwIAQQ


I would look at both solar and vertical wind if you have a breezy area. Vertical wind generators charges at night when solar does not and requires very little wind to do so. A do it yourself version using a auto generator / alternator can also be a easy build with a few upcycled parts.

All of these ideas, plans and pictures are free on my face book site and your more than welcome to browse and see what works for you (and in the UK)

Hope I gave you one or two fairly good ideas :)

My Face Book Page:

Good Luck :) Mark