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Dear island girl….I think you need a vacation spot. Think logically and realistically.

I think you should find a small but, secluded spot of RAW land somewhere and work on it over the weekends, etc….(along with lots of reading about survival skills, etc…). This way you will learn if you truly want this type of life. I mean, it sounds to me like you have never had to actually live without indoor plumbing, go to the bathroom out in the woods in cold rainy weather, skinned and gutted a deer, or eaten food that you made from scratch without the convenience of a sink, good lighting or warmth. I’m not saying that OTG island living would be misery, but you must love it sooo much that you actually KNOW in your bones you can live without alot of modern conveniences and STILL think its’ worth it. I don’t know how you can actually sustain your plan and live it, if you really haven’t even experienced anything remotely like it…ongoing. Do you know what I mean?

When my kids were little (they’re grown and gone now), I used to take them camping in the woods and after the glorious week or wknd was over, I would be sooooo pissed and soooo crabby and soooo sad to have to come home to our house. We would pull up in the driveway and I would look at the front door like,…there it is….hell….I would want to just throw something on it and spit on all the keep up with the jones’ type neighbors, or light it on fire and back the car out and drive straight back to the country!! I mean, I would be exhausted, maybe poison ivy ridden, sunburnt, whatever and STILLLL want to go straight back and live there in that beautiful little camping spot.

Anyway, to summarize I say start small and think ‘vacation’ spot….THEN if you come to LOVE it so much at your ‘vacation’ spot that you never want to leave it and going back ‘home’ feels like pain in your very fiber……..THEN, maybe you should seriously look into putting an ad on Craigslist or something for like-minded people who are willing to invest with you. ORRR…..OR….you could start sending fan letters to Johnny Depp who has his own enormous island!! AHAHAH Or…..beg Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to adopt you…to take pity on you….or just loan you a mere mill or two to buy your own private island. Believe me I’ve thought of ALL those things!! HAHAHHAHA Anyway, I wish you much luck in your plans! A private island sounds heavenly to me too!! But I like the woods more though! :)