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Left out a few thoughts (got distracted), in the interim, this will be our vacation project. When we can, we’ll head to the property and take on an improvement, be it site prep and lay-out, pump shed, etc. Once the barn goes up in a year or two…we’re planning on ruffing it in there…I’d hardly consider it ruffing it though, we’ll have four walls and a roof, water and a generator for those occasions we need to run some tools or charge batteries…the rest will be portable kerosene and propane appliances for light and cooking and love to keep us warm! I’m not naive enough to think that it will be easy or as cheap as we’d like, but there will be some victories along the way to dampen out and defeats and in the end will be ours, built with our wits and brawn. Don’t you just love the sound of “rugged individualism”

Doug in Yuma