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Home Forums General Discussion Need Advice For Hybrid Off Grid Project! Re: Need Advice For Hybrid Off Grid Project!

Nick Rosen

Hardworkinghipp… Mahalo for you toughts and feedback. To answer your question, I have not yet done an output assestment. Where might I go to get the graphs needed for the calculations?

In the mean time…

To be honest, I am deeply concerned about the political, financial, and social stability of the US… And I’m looking to set up a system really as soon as possible.

I understand that it’s normally important to do good due diligence before setting up the system… but for peace of mind purposes, I’m looking to have a system setup for this time next month…. no later.

If you had $12K to spend on a new system to be installed at a location that gets 9 hours of direct sunlight per day, and 4 full days per week of 15 – 20+ MPH winds… What componets would you buy? From Where?

I am looking forward to making a purchase and starting the shipping process by the end of the week!!!

I appreciate your feedback, and that of all forum members.