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Pahana Tribe

Hi Mike. I have lived off grid many times via RV (Been camping most of my life) and albeit I have yet to create a community I have spent some time boon docking with others and I have started a few churches here and there (Minster).

The one constant I have noted is that mindset and beliefs need to be assessed very early on in order to survive as a group for any extended time. And most of all the willingness to agree to disagree when differences do eventually come up.

In a group living situation privacy and the commitment to avoid gossip is probably the one thing I have noticed really rips communal arrangements apart. I am a 70’s child and spent a great deal of time living with friends in a crash pad setting and later on boon docking with other campers.

No matter if they are churches, camping groups or crash pad hippies it was always the little differences that festered through seemingly insignificant gossips and rumors. Judgement of other based on beliefs or philosophies are always going to happen but whispers are truly destructive.

The best groups I have encountered spoke openly, freely and agreed to see things differently. I have always respected a person who can say what they mean no matter what because you know where they stand vs. a sugar coating back talker. :)

As far as lazy, well it does seem to be a plague these days lol. Loyalty and commitment to the group or family can over come that but most of the time its that lack of respect, inclusion, listening and communication that makes them feel like a outsider vs. family and the desire to become a part slowly dwindles away.

I noticed most successful groups listen to everyone, make it a point to pen and paper all suggestion no matter how crazy they sound, reinforce self esteem of the individuals and include everyone in the decision making process.

It takes a strong individual to lead a loving and caring community and guide the group and at times convince others to try the insane ideas. When someone like that leads everyone feels included, everyone feels like part of the groups direction and love and appreciation is a truly motivating factor.

Charisma has something to do with it but more people follow when they feel like they are part, loved, appreciated, respected and equal. The poison is the we was here first, we have tried that before and failed, we are the senior members and the general run it by me first attitude.

A group grows when the we is dropped the I takes a step back and the you is given a chance. I have personally witnessed many situations that have been tried before and failed become successful because the person making the suggestion was trusted and received the support they needed to succeed.

Knowing its failed before but you are sure you can do better is quite motivational but when fused with support for your ability, desire to succeed and encouragement the outcome can be changed. After all there is a good chance if it failed before it will fail again but if the participants avoid the pitfalls that caused the previous failure (learning by mistakes) but keep up the faith and support… and it does succeed, the new comer now has proved his worth, feels like he/she contributed and over came a obstacle with family.

When we walk through adversity together, climb mountains side by side and overcome seemingly impossible odds it become the cement that binds us. And the leaders confidence in the new comer to give you a shot at what seemed likely to fail plants loyalty.

Not only to the leader but all the family members who supported him / her in the endeavor. A village can succeed and a community can become a family if you look it at like a family and trust, love and support.

Sorry if this rambled a bit just felt I had to toss that out there for meditation lol.