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my fiancee and i are still undecided about the land, i’ld say we’re 95% sure on making this our home. i’ve been camping up here with chowan for a week now and getting to know my way around alright. i’ve been able to make friends at a couple tire shops in wells, ne, about a 30 minute drive down the mountain side. as it’s a small traveler’s town everyone seems to know whats going on. i inquired aboout a local physician and found out the local doc for 15 years just retired but everyone seems to like the new guy alright. the closer town of motello is good for emergency food and fuel as everything is marked up a bit due to distance from a near town. the grocery store in montello does have ups shipping which is a plus. asking around montello i found out that the post office is under review and might be closed in 6 months but it sounds like they have a good fight. as far as the land goes… there are 3 reliable wells close by and the landscape is beutiful. the earth here is a great source for cement which is a plus as that will cut down on some building costs. i wouldn’t bother trying to make it without a truck or suv, but it is a fun drive in. chowan himself is a great and knowledgeable guy, humorous aswell and would be a great neighbor for anyone who decides to move up here.