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just a video update for the property

Yes Elnav i am convinced that conversion to natural gas for most of our vehicals would solve our energy problems its everywhere trapped in oil deposits and at the bottom of the ocean as methane hydrate and is a renewable resource in the methane its old tech its been posible to run vehicals

from methane for probably more than 50 years.

thinking about the posibilities of methane to solve our energy problems

realy frustrates me they will subsidise corn and ethanol production

which is a terrible wast of food and good water and they will spend millions

or even billions on hydrogen tech when all they have to do is make it a little easier (less legalities) to add a natural gas kit to our cars.

not only that but we would not have to deal with all this smog nonsense

on our vehicals as the naturall gas burns much cleaner in the first place.

i realy believe and this will sound like a conspiracy that they dont want to

encourage methane because any backyard mechanic could be running his home and

vehical from his own methane digester.

they will say its not safe and not easy to maintain but surely with all

the money they wasted on hydrogen tech they could have designed a automatic

user friendly safe digester and filling systems.