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yes its a trade off between high speed and high torque I already have 1 small electrical turbine working great a little Airx

here is my big one

it was an experiment that i was happy with i am going to add a bit of surface area to the blades to add torque before i reset it up.

the reason i though about a dual setup is that i dont have to watch it to produce electricty so im not to worried if its not terribly efficient on that side but i also dont have a need to use it mechanically all the time

so when i am not using it mechanically i can just tranfer it over to

produce electricity.

there is a little link under it showing it grinding grain and i have a better

alternator for it now and i will also want some form of better power transfer

between top and bottom in the vid all i had was a rope but i can either get a belt,a chain or some form of drive shaft.