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If the global economy does go for dump There will be fewer opportunities fortrade with outside groups and areas. I am thinking communities will first need to look inward for survival skills and skills needed to sustain the community.

For example what do you do for shoes and boots. does anyone even know how to repair worn out shoe sole?

We all know e need to know how to grow food. Sure but how?

If you can’t find irrigation pipes what else can you substitute?

Worst case scenario beeing all international trade ceases due to lack of credit or ready cash. Then what. We will be reduced to scroungging and cannibalizing existing machinery to improvise something that will work for us.

If the old tractor breaks a part who will know how to make repairs if spare parts are not available.

How do you make a human powered plow if the tractor no longer works because ther is no fueel or it is broken. you ned to plow the field in order to plant a crop for food.