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Hi Gator, have you had any luck finding land yet? I’m eager to get otg but I don’t have the skills that you have. I’d be interested to learn from you and share some information about living otg. I’m really interested in herbs and plants and how they can be used for healing etc. I would love to be able to walk through the woods and actually know which plants I can use for various things… cooking, medicine etc. I can’t stand the rat race and as each day passes I spend more time daydreaming and researching otg info and places to go live. I keep googling organic/self sustainable communities but I haven’t found anything that really captures me yet. Ideally I would rather live independently to a group of people but I don’t have the skills to do it alone. I would like to do this with someone who I can learn from and who I can share the hard work with. I’m also “educated” in the traditional sense, but that means nothing to me… I want to be educated in the land and to have my hands in the soil beneath my feet, growing food and living a life away from the commodities that grip the lives of most people. It would be great to hear from you even if you’ve already found what you’re looking for.

– Rosie.