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Val, my hubby and I have lived in our off grid place since Dec 2007, we have wireless internet (access is not free) in our “neighborhood”. My hubby knew about this area because he had a friend who lived out here 20 something years ago, once he discovered the area, he began to vacation here and always wanted to move here, I don’t disclose my exact (or even inexact) location, I’ll just say it’s in far west Texas. No livestock or crops, unless you count my little garden, I’m still learning about growing out here, it’s much different than where I used to garden, the altitude is much higher, that makes it a challenge to grow many of the foods I used to grow, I’m also learning about the growing season.

Our main goals are to be independent from monthly bills, mainly utility bills and any sort of rent or mortgage. This way if something happens and our source of income is cut or eliminated, we can survive for much longer than we could when we lived in the city and had rent and utility bills, miss a couple of those and see how long it takes to be living on the streets. The main thing we did was to buy very cheaply, that means not buying premium land but taking what would be considered “issues” and making them work for you, for us that meant buying raw property with difficult access, then we built everything ourselves as we could. We started out in a one room cabin, we have built on as we could, mainly using scrap materials, we barter and trade for things. It takes quite a change of mindset to live this way and be happy, we gave up 24 hour stores, gas stations and malls, the tiny community where we live rolls up the sidewalks early, few if anyone goes out after dark, it’s just the way things are here, it’s not bad, it just takes some getting used to and planning ahead.

What is your dream location? Do you like water? Are you attracted to the desert? What about mountains? Do you need lots of human interaction or are you good with your own company for long periods of time? Do you like heat or cold? Do you like lush vegetation or dry arid prickly cactus areas? Figure out what you want, then you can better determine where you would be happy. For us, we like the dry, high desert/mountains with few people, my brother in law loves water (lakes, rivers and ocean) so he wouldn’t be happy here, my sister loves 24 hour stores, malls and such so she wouldn’t be happy here either, for us, we couldn’t imagine living any other way.