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I am sorry about your loss. That is a good life lesson though, life is very uncertain. While this journey is very much a team effort, each part of the team needs to know how to perform the other parts roles. Injuries, unexpected death, etc can cause one side to have to perform both sides work. People tend to be spoiled these days and never learn life sustaining skilld needed to sustain them in the case of the unexpected occuring.

My goal is to raise my kids to never be dependent on outside influence to sustain themselves, that way, they will always be able to survive and even thrive no matter what life throws at them. I am raising them to be resourceful, confident, creative, and self reliant. In my opinion every parent should strive to do the same. But it seems parent just aren’t willing to put that kind of attention and effort into raising their children anymore. Apparently that’s to inconvenient.

Sorry to semi rant, I am a bit cynical with the direction society is heading. It’s headed straight toward distaster.