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Now the post in question is back in landbuddy but missing the first sentence or 2 also lots of trouble yesterday logging in and staying logged in.

Elnav i think we are similar in that i have also concentrated on the technical aspects of off grid living and i feel like that is my weak point.there is something that I am missing and I can not realy even explain what it is

except to say the social life of community.

i lived in a small village of about 300 people once a mix of what i affectionately call rednecks and hippies and while its true there

was often disagreements that little village had a great atmosphere.

many little businesses and fun people i loved living there.

thats why i think many different types of people are needed to truly make

a community but with a simple ideal to bond them together and with the

right people glue.

Im thinking back now to that little village and there was one or 2 people

who were the people glue. a hippy lady who I always thought of as the queen of the hippies lol she got on well with everyone and was often having parties and

plays for the community.and a big redneck guy who did not always get on with everyone but he was an amazing human networker if you wanted something done

wanted to find something or someone get rid of something he was the guy to

talk to.

there was I guess other people who cemented the community together as well

but those are the 2 that come to my mind the socialite and the human craigslist