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This website is NOT user friendly.I just tried to return to your post on Land Buddy and sure enough it had disappeared together with my comment.

Going back to your thoughts on community. Forming a community of like minded people is perhaps the most important development in going off grid.

Humans are communal beings. Living in isolation as a couple or an individual is not conducive to good living. People are happier and productive in a collctive group even if it is just to socialize after work. There is a reason why solitary confinement is used as extra punishment in prisons.

Although I am primarily an engineer and tend to think mostly in terms of technical solutions for going off grid I have been giving this social aspect a lot of thought in my spare time. When a good friend recently disappeared from the internet I began wondering and then worrying that he was in hospital. He has already had 4 bypass surgeries and is in danger of loosing his legs.

there was much relief when he finally showed up. Turns out he was in the hospital but because his sister was there, not because of his medicalproblems.

Going off-grid in isolation and remote from other people may seem attractive when you first escape from the pressure cooker of urban living.

There comes a time when this isolation is not so attractive and may in fact be a liability.

Last week I had a minor stroke and my wife was unable to get me to a hospital 50 miles away. Sh was unable to find anyone able or willing to help. Our vehicle was not mobile at the time. This brought home to me the liability of being off-grid and remote from other people.

The only friends she managed to reach was friends 500 miles away. They could offer little but moral support but this highlights how a community of any kind fulfils a non technical purpose.