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>>>This is about all you can do, along with spending time in the nearest pool, lake, or river, or the ocean.

Short term: White wire mesh pith helmets and loose fitting long sleeves and pants help. There is even a solar powered fan hat. I used to use wool socks in AZ summers to keep my feet cooler. A spray bottle with water for misting yourself helps. Keeping hydrated and balanced electrolytes is a must, too. A breeze helps and so does shade, artificial or natural.<<<

The heat wave is humid, so the mist spray will have limited cooling effect.

My swamp cooler in PHX worked up until the humidity was 30%. I could have bought an expensive water pre-cooler to help, but decided to sell instead. It was 1985 when I sold the house and 1990 when I moved out of state because of wage reduction from of the invasion, and the heat index increase. For 4 years I was an “in state snowbird”. Living and working in the mountains and coming to PHX in winters (except one).

Good luck surviving the heat wave.