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Home Forums General Discussion just bought 8 acres want to build underground house Re: just bought 8 acres want to build underground house


The easiest way is to build above grade and berm it. If you want to go fully underground, you can go 4′ deep and berm the rest over your home creating a hill with a southern exposed face for windows and doors.

The reasons for the importance of this, is you can avoid water table/leech field issues building above grade and berming it. It can very much work the same as building below grade with the exception that you do still need to insulate one exposed wall and the roof.

When me and the wife build our “retirement” home, we will be going 4′ deep and berming the rest leaving one exposed face and a partial exposed face in the back, insulating the roof fairly heavily and only covering the roof with 8 to 10″ of soil. Leaving a small exposed face in the rear allows us to easily ventilate it from front to back.

This type of underground building lends itself to reducing MANY of the issues with subterrainian construction while still accomplishing the same things.

Something like the bottom one on this page, but a TON less modern, and blending much better into the surroundings.