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desert deb

Always glad to see motivated newbies. Before you pick a place do a walk thru just like a house. Always able to find a place for a tent, if you pass this way. If you are starting slow and from the beginning sit down and make a list of what is important to you and what you require in geography to get that. i think buffett talked about that. If you know you will be using a tent as a starting base you will want to limit to warm areas also as a biker you will want to look at that, out here beautiful country and a lot of biking however its mountainous. the biggest issue out here is that its seems to take an hour to go anywhere, gotta route around those mountains. Look at short term and long term, they might not be the same, or the one might be a means to the other. Good luck, if i can help let me know, there is always something to do out here and a way to pay your way.