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For the umpteenth time!! A sewage system pipe layout is NOT laid out like a grid. A well designed sewage pipe system is laid out in a radial pattern.

Look up what a grid means. It has cross links to allow backfeeding. This is essential for a power grid in order to backfeed an area blacked out by a problem like a car or truck braking a pole. This is why we called it a ‘GRID’

Twisting words and calling a municipal service a grid is just plain wrong. Don’t people care about correct language use any more? English isn’t even my mother tongue and I know the distinction.

If you have a hate on for any big business and all manner of municipal services by all means spout off but off grid really doesn’t refer to anything except the electrical grid. People around here ask me what going off grid means. When I tell them, they look at me strangely saying “but that is how we have always lived” My wife never even saw an electric lightbulb in a home before she was 14, then her family bought a lighting plant. Her family homestead is not connected to the grid to this day.

Propane is not delivered by a grid. It is delivered by pipeline and a road network in a truck. The truck is not a grid. It would be more accurate to say municipal services are provided by a service NETWORK combining a variety of transportation modes like roads, pipelines, and electrical wires.