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Well, I was about to say we are at high altitude, but not compared to your altitude! We are just under 6000 feet, completely off grid. I will say there were some changes to work with, there are plants that will not grow above certain altitudes, having nothing to do with temps, but the altitude, for us it was a trial and error thing. One thing I know we can’t grow, that grows at lower altitudes like a weed is okra, it will only get a foot or so tall, at the very end of the growing season, I MIGHT get a couple of pods from each plant.

You might want to consider checking in to underground greenhouses, check this site:

Also, if you aren’t used to living at a higher altitude, know that it will take some time for you to acclimate, breathing is harder, you will run out of breath doing simple things, like walking! Engines also have a harder time running, for the same reasons, thinner air and less oxygen.