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cool . thanks for the update. there is definatly a difference between isolation and being self sufficiant. for some living off the grid conjures images of isolation. to me its more relative to one of the many eliments in or daily lives that in fact we by the most people don’t think of. some of the stuff you can start looking into will be the amount of land required for particular live stock. ie i can run about 10-15 sheep on my 2.5 acres.

some food for thought…. i’m focusing more on mass production of a few comoditys for trade and cash value(if it exists) and then sustainable items for personal consumptiuon. that way you don’t get spead to thin with managing different crops and plants. a nice read and wealth of info. “carrots love tomatoes” louise riotte. about compatible planting with great notes relative to pest and disease controls. also on the web a university in the area you may pic will have an extention for agriculture with great tips on particular varities/ soil compositions / ect for the are.

back to the land. if your narrowing the areas out many areas will have place for rent where people have built gardens,sheds/barns. and you can not only tune some skills but meet mebers of the community before commiting. ive been taking my time with the infrustruction make sure i have my own reasources in place before i plant too much. building and maintaining infrustructue is as much work as the chores of production and harvest. i dont want to neglect my crops because i’m drawn to other maint duties.

as i mentioned and i think chowan did too. make sure you like where your at before you commit. some agricultur communityis may be more old school large farm/ petrobased fertilizer style and some may be more diverse community workshare style farms. also maybe search “slow foods” and see where there are established communitys of local growers(like minded neighbors).. i.e slow foods in the tetons.

nice work getting your feet wet.

peace gordo

??? cotton plantation in utah????