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chowan- air x definatley the goods. there are a ton of free ceiling fans over in jackson at the habitat restore with no mount brackets, free for the taking so i’m gonna throw one up and see what happens. if it works i’m sure it will burn up pretty quick.

springtime- micro hydo is great – i hope next year the irrigation board that i’m on will let me put on in line. preasurized constant flow in a 4″ line. only problem is its about 200 ft from the house. lots of line/ voltage drop.

cob/ definatly a dyi- what i like most is that its more load bearing so less timber framing than straw bale. oregon cob is just a newer way mixing all the positive parts of cob styles from around the world. definatley has r-value issues even if you sandwiched the walls with 2″ blue board you might get between 15-20 r.

my ideal. would be …. working from the north to south. north earth burm. maybe dig back and in about 30 ft. throw in some support. straw bale that north east and west with a partition in the center. furthest north for drive thru garage with built in pit(no more creepers). next section shop. another straw bale wall. enter house. laundry shower then kitchen /lr/ greenhouse. interior walls cob(got tons of spoils from the cave). still not sure on south wall. if i built it hear in southern idaho probably not straw. im not convinced yet that in this wet desert they’ll last.

my house is just stick framed. no bells, no whistles. didn’t have time, now i have plenty on time / but no money.