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Rustyfingers, don’t feel like Canada has the corner on ERs being filled with stuffy noses and such. I’m not one to go to doctors, in fact I haven’t been to one in over 15 years. I am a caretaker for a lady who has legitimate health problems DIRECTLY CAUSED by our government, she was a downwinder in the last above ground nuclear bomb test in Nevada, everyone who lived in that town during that time has suffered multiple cancers and other health issues, most of the people she knew from there are dead. I often go with her to the various doctors she visits each month, from the clinics to the hospitals, I see the waiting rooms filled with mostly young mothers with their snotty nose babies. I will not even go in to the fact that most of them don’t speak English and it’s questionable if they are legal or not…

The sad part of all of this is the fact that with our economy the way it is, it takes 2 people working full time to make ends meet. With the acceptance of women’s lib, it was acceptable for mothers to go out and work and allow daycare or the state to raise their children, I’m not against women having all the rights afforded to them, but please, if you want to have a career, then don’t have children, if you want children, then make THAT your career, at least be there for your kids while they are growing up.

It used to be that a new mother had a major support system around her… her mother, grandmother, aunts, sisters and female neighbors. With that female support system came the education, the experience passed down from woman to woman about how to take care of your baby… what to do when your baby had a fever, what to do when your baby had a rash, what to do when your baby was croupy… you only went to the doctor when there was a real need, major illnesses that couldn’t be taken care of at home, broken bones, stitches and such. With today’s lifestyle, all of that is all but gone, along with all of the history and knowledge. It’s a real shame.

I can’t imagine that having even more state run healthcare could make things any better.