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I have been thinking more about this myself. I am a programmer by day and a paid volunteer EMT-Intermediate the rest of the time.

There are definitely times when I have a hard time convincing myself that a person needs to go to the ER. There are cases when it is seriously warranted. But there are other times when it is It feels more like some people think just because they have a little owie they need to be seen by an ER doctor. Partially because of the mindset that our countries have gotten into, referring to previous comments.

I have a blood pressure that is considered borderline. I understand what will happen if it goes uncorrected and am for now abiding by my doc and taking a prescription. I also realize if I could shed the 20 pounds that puts me in the overweight and get down to my ideal BMI I would probably not need it.

I made the mistake of asking about a recurring skin breakouts. At 49 I felt like I should be done with localized acne :)

Doc gave me an antibiotic, a 90 day supply because she said it would take a while to get rid of. I went for a followup a month later and while it was working she told me that i would probably need to keep a therapeutic level of the antibiotic from now on. No thank you, I finished the supply but I am not going to constantly take a low level of antibiotic. The annoyance of an occasional acne like break out is easier to deal with than the risks of getting resistant to a medication I might need later down the road for something more serious.

About every other time I am at her office a drug salesperson is stopping by to drop off samples. I see the qty of ‘preventative’ drugs that the medical community wants to prescribe and it makes me sick by itself.

oh well, probably enough of a rant. Off to blow away;more idiotic spammers.


marshall, il