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Bob my condolences! Both about eBay and also about the choice of inverter brand.

Sadly the word about Xantrex repair policy has not yet spread throughout the market place. Xantrex manufactures in China. They have no repair facility worth mentioning in North America. All returns are replaced with a different sample of the same model. After enough returns have accumulated they are packed up on a pallet and shipped back to the factory for ‘remanufacture’ The ‘reman’ products are then usd to replace further returns under warranty.

I was let go from Xantrex many years ago because I told customers the truth when they phoned to complain about their Prosine 2.0 model which had a lot of problems when first put on the market.

I have a Prosine myself and will not sell it to someone else because I just know it will come back to haunt me. I will live with the hiccups and malfunctions rather than give someone else my grief.

Despite my own contacts within the company I could not get repair parts for a Prosine that blew up for one of my customers. (possibly due to a backfeed situation and a non warranty covered event)

Because of my experience with Xantrex I have switched to using Victron, Outback or Magnum inverters because they have a better product and better service.