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Home Forums General Discussion Going off grid with 2 kids…..???? Re: Going off grid with 2 kids…..????


Hi we did, we got a 7 and 16 year old, they seem to like it, they go to public schools but we have to drive them 4 miles to catch a bus and pick them up. We our totally off grid.

We left the city feb 18th and have been off grid ever since now, we only been off grid for a month now but we love it. We got chickens and turkeys and the kids really enjoy caring for them.

They biggest thing is just being able to unplug and let go, once you do that you can start enjoying life, we are no longer in the day to day rat race. Granted we have everything paid for and bought our solar panels and wind generator before moving off grid. We are framing in our walls and stuff but i dont think i would go back to grid life and the rat race.

It’s nice to wake up in the morning knowing everything you do is for our selfs and no one else. Either you will love it or hate it. It’s not easy and its alot of work but at the end of the day its yours.

Hope it helps.