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I had a place to live in CoSpgs 38 miles away. I had been studying living off grid for 4 years. I had to get a loan then build after work and on weekends after the initial paperwork and fees. It took a year to get the initial cabin done, maxing out credit cards, then getting a half value mortgage to pay off everything. Then moving up here and selling the place there was a 6 month ordeal. Then I got a job up here and began the addition with tire walls ‘Y’ing off to the future Earthship, more re-used and recycled materials. A good sized garage, den/bedroom, large closet and 3/4 bath with laundry. Took another year in spare time with family help again. Then the Earthship took another year of weekends and after work work.

So the off-grid Earthship dream took many steps, a lot of hard work, pain, and sacrifice, help from family and God. Then financial discipline, but the place was mortgage free 9 years after the initial down payment on the land. Having the initial low mortgage and no power bills made it possible, along with all the sweat equity and savings on groceries from the Earthship gardens, and outside seasonal gardens, and big savings from using re-used and recycled materials.

Still, there are taxes, insurance, and maintenance along with propane bills. These add up to a long term average of $160 per month, plus , now, 45 in gasoline and 300 in groceries/necessities. It never gets down to free. Even the old mountain men had to work hard and plan well to live off the land, keep their hair, get their furs down to rendezvous for fixin’s for the next year and a jug or two for the once a year party. I skip the jugs and tobacky, and save even more.