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Nick Rosen

As a part of the Renewable Energy Industry I wanted to share some insight into the cost benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling. This IS the most efficient way of

generating energy based on the COP (coefficiency of performance) which simply means what you get vs. what you paid for. Sourcing your energy close to the load (house,building) with the earths constant temp of 55-62F underneath the surface means you have to pay only for the amount of energy extraction needed to reach comfortable levels in a given structure. Usually 70 degrees cooling and 72-73 heating. That means paying for 7-10 degrees of heating or cooling as opposed to starting from zero to reach 70-73 degrees. That is where the cost savings are.

Sure , capital costs are steeper initially but if you consider your investment

over the long term with the net present value of energy today and an aging infrastrucure you can see the value. Let me know your thoughts …