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Home Forums General Discussion Family moving back to island in AK. Please help! Re: Family moving back to island in AK. Please help!


For refrigeration I would think strongly about a root cellar. If your cabin is on blocks dig down a little and set it up there or build one near the house. That way you avoid electricity needs.

Filtering water:

Use a bucket with holes with a cheese cloth for example in bucket. Then add charcoal in a layer say 3-4inches, then sand 3-4 inches and then gravel on top. This will filter your water and make it drinkable which will wipe out the need for hauling in water. You can setup a system where the unfiltered water is stored in a gravity fed tank. it then feeds into your filter and then into a clean water tank. a ball auto lock valve is added (the flotation part) to the clean filtered tank but is connected to the pipe of the unfiltered one so when its full no water is filtered.

Most likely they all know how to take care of themselves as they have done so without you all this time. Maybe wood carvings? decorative pieces, Christmas tree decorations, Halloween lanterns ect made from goods on the island. Small items like bone carvings or wood lamps.

As for internet and phone the following applies:

1. A booster antenna should help the cell signal if you get it from the porch.

2. You can research sat internet vs standard phone based systems.