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dustoffer- thanks for the input on the line conditioner. i already use led’s . i’ll try the conditioner.

tooltime- the 48 inverters are the same price but the e pannel for them is more. i know of several the came out of one house. it was a large house off the grid and went to grid tie. the solar company sorta took the client for a ride cause outback’s a field serviceable from off grid to gride tie. however they replaced them all.

remenber the SEQ series for your deep pump it will really take some of the stress off your battery bank. another option between 24/48 would be to stack two 3524’s. the advantage for the 48v would be hi loads like a shopjust one cut on a chop saw surges the inverter to it’s upper limits. batterie life is huge .the upgrade at the begining will pay for itself with one battery bank lasting a couple extra years.

lp fridges while they don’t use too much gas. slightly more then a pilot. just a t-stat is 300 bucks. also very few people work on them. heat exchangers are about 600 bucks. so the first time the fridge goes down your looking at over 30% repair to replace. they also have a short life span about 8-10 years. on the freezer conversion. remember the freezer was made to be a freezer. while most people that have done them swear by it. i question the longevity. also by adding considerable insulation to the exterior of the fridge will keep cold in and hot out. 4-6 in.

if your using wood heat consider a good stainless heat exchanger. plumbed into your holding tank with a differential t-stat. it will work just like solar thermal panels. i get about 5 degrees an hour. i’m also considering those cute little japanese wood fired water heaters i’ll have to get the name it slips me right now. but supposedly a small kindling fire will heat a hot tub in an hour with no circulation pump, works with centrifical flow created by the change in temp.

for instant hot water heaters look at the specs clearly. they will require 8 or 10 guage wiring.

there is always a transition phase. but if you can put the infustructure in first for the switch later it will save alot of expence.

cheers g