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careful with the three way fridges. there power use in elec mode is equal to standard house fridge. sun elec used to have a great 24v fridge but they where lacking a ul tag and got confiscated at custom’s. they could have just said they where for rv/marine. i think if you look at albian that web site that comes up for large lot buys from china you can buy them as a single.

most certainly use the work sheet method. go through your current home and check the tags for amps. you can also get the watt buster. a very accurate way to make apples and oranges equal. it will show you watt draws for what ever period of time you have it attached to an appliance. our local library actually checks them out.

family of four. laundry. i always encourage people to invest in more pv for fridge/heat/laundry/back-up hot water.

propane is still grid in my opinion. trucks driving to deliver a utility from the man with a very fluctuating price point.

wind and 24v. a big decision before you commit to inverter/wind gen. if your going with 24v you’ll most likely need 8/12/0r even 16 batteries. michigan/ more north then south even if your on the southern portion comdined with family of 4 i would think 16 batteries. anytime your going with more then 4 batteries you might as well go with 48v that way you have no hold ups and consider up grading a 3000$ piece of equipment. this will also be important with your choice on wind gen. so once you go 24 your not gonna upgrade to 48.

you mentioned pumping water once a week. how much storage do you have or plan? what or where are you pumping from? well? how deep? or is the water already at the surface. in either case plan on the grundfos soft start much easier on batteries and inverter. then a nice upgrade with the soft start is the instant version that on;y uses a 2gal preasure tank , but another 800 bones for that up grade.

hope that helps