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Steve wrote: i saw a program years ago. some poor farmers in southeast asia made their own methane.


Not just in south east Asia. Many places in Europe and South America have ongoing methane generator installations.

Regarding your question of pressure. I do not have exact figures on hand but can tell your it is not much. Natural gas is the same as methane by another description. There are literally thousands of such installations in service. In terms of stored energy and explosive hazard gasoline is just as dangerous if not more so as methane or natural gas.

Right now solar power is considered the high tech ‘sexy’ media subject; no doubt assisted by manufacturers money to pay for infomercial type articles. Naturally, the public will focus on what they see in the popular press rather than delve into dry old technical papers written a long time ago. The perception is, because its new it must be better. However, just because it’s well established, does not means some technology is obsolete and useless.

Any sort of Google search on “methane digesters” will show you just how much activity and interest not to mention applications thers are. Add known applications for natural gas and you can easily see jut how useful methane is. The big benefit of methane is lower initial cost to get going with it compared to solar but it does not get a lot of good press since no one stands to make a big profit on it.

Natural gas from deep drilled wells can earn huge profits for the well owners who in many cases also own oil wells but who is going to pay big bucks to an owner of a manure pile?